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Top 10+ List of Best Locations For Adventure In Southern Oregon

Top 10 List of Best Locations For Adventure In Southern Oregon Near Klamath Falls & Crater Lake National Park

Planning a trip to Southern Oregon? Here are the Adventure Oregon top 10 locations for Adventurous things to do near Klamath Falls and Crater Lake National Park.

Southern Oregon is a great destination to enjoy fresh clean air and an abundance of lakes and rivers. Kayaking, Fishing, Hiking, Bird Watching, and Mountain Biking Trails are all within close proximity to Crater Lake National Park and the Lava Beds National Monument. Here you will find some of the most amazing views, fascinating history, and an abundance of wildlife. Upper Klamath Lake, Agency Lake, and The Williamson River are home to World Class Trout Fisheries and the elusive Redband Rainbow Trout. The Klamath Basin hosts the 2nd largest population of Bad Eagles and trophy size trout that average 4-8 lbs and often up to 15lbs. It's no wonder why Southern Oregon is such a popular place to visit for travelers looking for fun, recreation & camping. Stay at one of the fabulous local resorts, at a campground, or pitch a tent by the lake. Either way, Southern Oregon will help you make memories to last a lifetime. While you are here check out our top 10 list of amazing places to go and Adventure in Southern Oregon.

1. Crater Lake National Park

Deep Water in a Sleeping Volcano

Crater Lake inspires awe. Native Americans witnessed its formation 7,700 years ago when a violent eruption triggered the collapse of a tall peak. Scientists marvel at its purity: fed by rain and snow, it’s the deepest lake in the USA and one of the most pristine on earth. Artists, photographers, and sightseers gaze in wonder at its blue water and stunning setting atop the Cascade Mountain Range.

2. Upper Klamath Lake

Upper Klamath Lake (sometimes called Klamath Lake) is a large, shallow freshwater lake east of the Cascade Range in south-central Oregon in the United States. The largest body of freshwater by surface area in Oregon, it is approximately 25 miles (40 km) long and 8 miles (13 km) wide and extends northwest from the city of Klamath Falls. It sits at an average elevation of 4,140 feet (1,260 m).

3. Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge is located some 24 miles north of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Crater Lake National Park lies approximately 20 miles north of the refuge. The refuge is on the northwestern side of Upper Klamath Lake.

4. Sky Lakes Wilderness Adventure Park

Sky Lakes Wilderness Adventure Park in Klamath Falls, Oregon is a great place to find Guided Tours & Outfitter Services! Kayak, Bicycle, Canoe, Zipline, Birdwatching Eco Tours, Fishing Charters, and Kayak Rentals in Southern Oregon! Congress designated The Sky Lakes Wilderness Adventures area in 1984 which now maintains 113,849 acres.

5. Harriman Creek Headwaters

The Spring-fed headwaters of Harriman Creek are crystal clear and mares eggs are plentiful in this location.

6. Lava Beds National Monument

Lava Beds National Monument is a land of turmoil, both geological and historical. Over the last half-million years, volcanic eruptions on the Medicine Lake shield volcano have created a rugged landscape dotted with diverse volcanic features. More than 800 caves, Native American rock art sites, historic battlefields and campsites, and a high desert wilderness experience await you!

8. Spring Creek Day Use Area

Spring Creek Oregon near Collier State Park has always been a favorite place to experience for many visitors looking for fun and adventure in Southern Oregon. Beautiful memories of crystal clear turquoise water, and eagles all around. Guided kayak and canoe tours here inspire amazement on people's faces as they look into the clear water where you can see all the way to the bottom.

9. Upper Wood River

J. F. Kimball State Park is a pristine site located at the headwaters of the Wood River. This stream flows from the pine forest into open meadow land laced with picturesque quaking aspen surrounded by the southern Cascade Mountains. Wood River offers fine fishing that can be accessed from the park by canoe. Kimball Park offers primitive camping next to a spring-fed lagoon at the beginning of this waterway.

10. Wood River Wetland

Immerse yourself in the sounds of migratory birds and waterfowl in the Wood River Wetland on the north side of Agency Lake. A half-mile non-motorized accessible trail leads to expansive views of surrounding mountains, waterfowl viewing, and some of the best trout fishing in the Klamath Basin.

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