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Upper Klamath Fishing Trips | Oregon Adventures

The most successful guided Redband fishing trips on Upper Klamath Lake & its tributaries are organized between early April and late October after the spring Redband trout start their migration into the northern parts of Upper Klamath Lake & Pelican Bay. Their size will range between 2 and 10 pounds, with the occasional larger caliber trout making it to the net. These supercharged Redband trout will surely keep you busy on the water and will challenge your fishing skills daily.

Fishing | Oregon Adventures | Klamath Fishing Trips

Fishing Upper Kamath Lake for giant Redband Rainbow Trout is a day well spent. From the Rainbow and Brook Trout in the high lakes of the Sky Lakes Wilderness area to fishing adventures in narrow creeks that hold giant Brown Trout. You won't find a more plentiful fishing experience than Adventure Oregon's Fishing Tours.

New Moon Fishing | Oregon Adventures | Klamath Fishing Trips

Fishing always seems to be better the morning after there has been no moon shining. Maybe because the fish feed less during the dark nights and are more hungry at first light. Myth or fact I always seem to catch more fish the morning after a moonless night.

2022 New Moon Dates:

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The waters in the Upper Klamath Basin originate under an extinct volcano (Mt. Mazama) which forms Crater Lake, these waters emerge from the mountains to form pristine spring-fed creeks & streams filling the local lakes & rivers. Crater Lake, located in Crater Lake National Park, minutes away from Upper Klamath Lake, has some of the purest waters in the world and the crystal clear springs flowing under the mountain provide some of the cleanest rivers you will find anywhere in the world.

Canoe and Kayak Rentals Klamath Falls | Oregon Adventures

Adventure Oregon provides Canoe and Kayak rentals to explore Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Equipment can be rented for a 3-hour session or for a full day.

Call (541) 238-2004 for more information.

Upper Klamath Watersheds Nature Tours | Oregon Adventures

Nature tours through the Klamath basin's amazing ecosystem are offered from March to November.  It is a great place for visitors to experience wildlife and nature all around them. See giant native Redband Rainbow Trout, or amazing Bald Eagles and Osprey soaring high above the trees and experience all that nature has to offer. Upper Klamath Lake is a scenic and picturesque location that nature lovers should experience first hand. A beautiful lake fed by mountain streams and crystal clear spring water offers you one of the best adventures you will discover in Klamath Falls.

Full Moon Tours | Oregon Adventures

Watch the full moon rise from the best seat in the world on this smooth ride across the Pelican Bay to the historic Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. If you’ve never been on Adventure Oregon waters at night to see the beautiful stars and moon, you are in for a magical treat!

The Full Moon Tour is guided by our licensed tour guide, so you get to learn about the history of the area and view all those famous landmarks from the water at night.

2022 Full Moon Schedule (Tours TBA)

Jan. 17, Mon 03:51 PM

Photography | Oregon Adventures

If you are looking to get that perfect picture in nature we have you covered. Adventure Oregon is your guide to nature photography. Our guides can take you out on a canoe or on a motorized pontoon so you can get lots of great pictures and videos to add to your portfolio.  Get in touch with us to schedule the photography tour of a lifetime.

Zipline Near Crater Lake | Oregon Adventures

If you are planning a trip to Crater Lake National Park then you might want to check out some of the local Zipline Adventures along the way! Crater Lake Zipline on Highway 140, near Rocky Point Rd, in Klamath Falls, is a great place to start your Oregon Adventures.

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