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Things to do

Upper Klamath Watersheds Nature Tours

Learn about the Klamath basin's amazing ecosystem while you experience wildlife and nature all around you. See giant native Redband Rainbow Trout, or amazing Bald Eagles and Osprey soaring high above the trees and experience all that nature has to offer. Upper Klamath Lake is a scenic and picturesque location that nature lovers should experience first hand.


If you are looking to get that perfect picture in nature we have you covered. Adventure Oregon is your guide to nature photography. Our guides can take you out on a canoe or on a motorized pontoon so you can get lots of great pictures and videos to add to your portfolio.  Get in touch with us to schedule the photography tour of a liftime.

River paddling

Experience the awesome challenge of paddling your way along one of our amazing riverways. Splash your way through amazing pockets of giant trout and see eagles and osprays high above the trees and along the river.

Bird Watching

Lots of birds to see in the Klamath Basin.


One of the most sought-after fishing locations on the west coast, the Klamath Basin is a fishing paradise. From the Rainbow and Brook Trout in the high lakes of the Sky Lakes Wilderness area to fishing adventures in narrow creeks that hold giant Brown Trout. You won't find a more plentiful fishing experience than Adventure Oregon's Fishing Tours.

Upper Klamath Lake and Pelican Bay hold some of the largest native trout in the world. With the average catch being 4-6 pounds and fish up to 10 pounds often tipping the scales it is a trout fishing dream come true.