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If you are looking to get that perfect picture in nature we have you covered. Adventure Oregon is your guide to nature photography. Our guides can take you out on a canoe or on a motorized pontoon so you can get lots of great pictures and videos to add to your portfolio.  Get in touch with us to schedule the photography tour of a lifetime.

Here John Muir wrote as a guest of E. H. Harriman
This restored cabin is one of few remaining structures, along with a couple of dock pilings, from the days when steamboats pulled up to the docks. This may have been the cabin Muir stayed in. The following is from a piece John Muir wrote about his stay in Rocky Point…

“So I went to the famous Lodge, intending to stay a few days or a week, but when I spoke of leaving, Mr. Harriman said I must stay and work, and directed his private secretary to follow me and put down everything I said. So I was fairly compelled to make a beginning in dictating to a stenographer, which proved rather awkward at first, but in a couple of months, a sort of foundation for more than one volume was laid.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Digital, University of Oregon.

The Lodge was beautifully located at the head of Pelican Bay beside its famous crystal springs, the magnificent Klamath Lake in front of it, bordered with meadows and bounded in the distance by dark forested mountains and hills –a fine place for recreation and rest–air, water, and scenery reviving. The weather was mostly cool and bright, just right for soothing exercise, walks in the woods, and boating on the lake, which most of the time was mirror-like, reflecting the sky and the fringing meadows and forest-clad mountain shores.

On our return from boat excursions, a beautiful picture was outspread before us about an hour before sundown, especially toward autumn, when the colors were ripening–the shining lake enlivened with leaping trout and flocks of waterfowl; the stream from the great springs like a river with broad brown and yellow meadows on either hand; and the dark forested mountains, changing to blue in the background, rising higher and higher, with Mt. Pitt, highest of all, pointing serenely heavenward through the midst of the sunset purple and gold.”