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Youth Outreach Program

Adventure Oregon and Logic BMS In Klamath Falls are starting a Community Youth Outreach Program in honor of Natalynn Miller who was a victim of child abuse in 2009. The program will be run by Troy Miller (father of Natalynn Miller) and will focus on providing outdoor recreational activities designed to enrich the lives of at-risk youth living in Klamath County Oregon. Every contribution of $25 will be matched with another $25 by Advneute Oregon to cover the cost of a 3-hour guided kayak tour of the Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge for the youth who participate in this program. We believe that kids who are introduced to outdoor recreational activities will develop habits and interests that will detour them from falling into a lifestyle of self-destructive habits and behavior. Kids who love to fish, kayak, and enjoy nature are probably less likely to commit crimes and are more likely to make positive contributions to their families & communities. Thank you for reading this to the end, and again if you feel compelled to help or just want to say hello please, please feel free to contact me. Troy Miller - phone: (541) 238-2004

Please use the following link or QR code to contribute via PayPal.  Thank You!

Update!!! The Adventure Oregon Youth Outreach program just got its first contribution!

Tamra Foster donated $100

"My husband and I have donated today because I believe in Troy Miller, not just because he is my cousin. I believe Troy is the right person to start an "outdoor youth program" as he has the experience needed to create a program that will be both fun and beneficial in teaching today's youths. By people supporting this program, it will allow our youth to learn and build their self confidence in an outdoor environment.
Wishing this to be a successful fundraiser for an awesome program."

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts Tamra! This $100 will go to fund 4 educational trips out to the Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge for children who participate in the Youth Outreach Program! Thanks, again Tamra!